elmwood snow angels


What Is A Snow Angel?

Did you know that on average Edmonton receives around 124 cm of snow each year?  

If you have a neighbour who does a little extra to keep Elmwood's sidewalks clear of snow and ice, nominate them as a Elmwood Snow Angel.  

Nominees will receive a letter of thanks and a small gift from the Elmwood Community League. 

Let's make this winter a little warmer by thanking those in our community who make Elmwood one of the best communities in Edmonton. 

Complete the simple nomination form here.

Need Assistance Clearing Your Walks?

If you or someone you know needs assistance shovelling their walks, please contact Katie at 780-990-7957 and Elmwood will match you with a volunteer. 

Want To Volunteer To Help Clear Walks?

If you are able to help out every so often clearing the sidewalks of Elmwood's seniors or those in need, please call Katie at 780-990-7957 to be put on our Snow Angel list.