Skating in Elmwood


Elmwood Ice

The skating rinks at the Elmwood Community League Hall are open depending on the weather. The hours vary from year to year, but generally the rink is open and supervised on weekday evenings and weekend afternoons. A concession is available in the heated rink shack attached to the rear of the hall, so you can get a snack or some hot chocolate to warm up on a cold day.


Anyone is welcome to use the rinks. A league membership and skate tags are required for all participants. For non-members or visitors to our community, a pay-per-use admission can also be purchased from the rink attendant. 

2019/20 Rink Hours

Mondays - Closed

Tuesday - Friday 5pm - 9pm 

Saturdays - 3pm - 9pm 

Sundays - 1pm - 4pm

Holiday Hours 

Call or text Ron 780-945-3535

Notes: Little rink is always open but you have to lace-up outside, access from North side of the building from parking lot.

Rink Updates

Rink closures MAY occur if there is a heavy snowfall or days when temperatures go below -21 (-22 with wind chill.) Text Elmwood Ice attendant Ron at 780-945-3535 for current updates.

Rules and Regulations

  • Use rink at own risk.
  • Elmwood Community League assumes no responsibility for the actions of other individuals.
  • Helmets are recommended for all skaters. Helmets are mandatory for skaters under 18 years of age.
  • Skating in manner that endangers all interferes other skater's safety or enjoyment is strictly forbidden.
  • No sticks or pucks during casual skating.
  • No fighting, pushing, checking , foul language, smoking, spitting or high sticking.
  • Alcohol and drugs are not permitted on the premises.
  • Skate tags must be visible at all times.
  • Rink attendant/supervisor's word is final.
  • Elmwood Community League reserves the right to revoke privileges from any person who does not obey rules, shows unacceptable conduct or for any their just cause.